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Your starting point as a Blockchain Developer

Whether you are an experienced developer or a newcomer to the field, this will be an excellent program dedicated to your development. Once you've completed the training, you will come onboard and take part in the leading blockchain projects in Europe.


Meet Blockchain Academy

With Espeo Blockchain Academy, you will have the one of a kind opportunity to become a Blockchain Specialist. Get to know all the ins and outs of blockchain technology, gain a prestigious certification and participate in the world's most innovative projects.

Espeo Blockchain is a digital consultancy focused on building private blockchains for global enterprises. We're a brand of Espeo Software with a team of passionate blockchain consultants and developers who use Hyperledger Fabric and other blockchain protocols to simplify business processes to drive efficiency.



Choose your own career path as a blockchain developer

Espeo Blockchain Academy allows you to select what specialization you want to pursue.


Specialize in public blockchains and cryptocurrencies
  • Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • Daaps
  • Blockchain Development tools
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Specialize in the private blockchain networks
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Chaincodes
  • HLF network administration
  • Official certification
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Already know your path?


Become a blockchain expert

We are looking for exceptional and ambitious individuals to join. Declare your willingness to join the Academy and wait for us to reach out to you with details.

Blockchain training program

Blockchain training

Learn blockchain technology. We will provide you everything that you will need.

Hyperledger Fabric essentials

blockchain skills

Grow your Hyperledger skills or learn everything from scratch.

Certification supported by the Espeo

Certification supported by the Espeo

We are the only one Hyperledger Fabric Certified Service Provider in Poland, so you will be able to obtain a certification with our help.

Participation in blockchain projects

Participation in blockchain projects

You will participate in international projects for big organizations. Are you ready?

Ready to start your journey with blockchain?



Accelerate your career and gain multiple bonuses

With us, you can count on:

ellipse_99 (1) flexible working hours and the possibility to work 100% remotely (anywhere from Europe)
ellipse_99 (1) possibility to pay remuneration in BTC
ellipse_99 (1) paid time off
ellipse_99 (1) training budget
ellipse_99 (1) optional relocation

Take part in super-innovative projects for big organizations

Marcin Wojciechowski
Blockchain Developer at Espeo Blockchain
“The work is not limited to development - you get chances to be in a role of a consultant. There are also a lot of opportunities to work with different technologies, but at the same time your own preferences are taken into account when choosing a client. What's also worth mentioning is a constant support and guidance in your track of further development in both hard and soft skills from the company and a team leader specifically.”